Winner Best Cabin & Summerhouse 2013

Shed of the Year 2013

Authentically Recreated

In response to the absence of a fully insulated garden building with any mid-century cool, Cabin Habit brings you cabins authentically recreated (with additional urban-industrial edge) from the old wartime Nissen hut structures. They are the cool alternative to the ubiquitous wooden garden building or modernist cube. So, if you too are tired of the overdone, New England style wooden chalet, or the airy pretensions of flat roofs and sliding glass doors, we invite you to join the exciting curve of cool cabin culture - fill your nostrils with nostalgia, cook up some beans, get your harmonica out and get into the Cabin Habit. Built like they used to be in fabulous prefab style, with updated and solid functional materials that are meant to last, we have worked hard to deliver cost-aware versatility and a perfectly retro-styled garden cabin - to dream, to work, to play, to create to store, to stay.

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Affordable Style

During the Second World War cabins like ours called Nissen huts were used as transportable and cost effective buildings. With our addition of uber-retro style, this cost-aware versatility has been a key feature in the design at Cabin Habit. You really won’t find so much solid vintage style, versatility and economy in one garden building anywhere else.

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